30 Years Serving California Schools

For three decades we have been trusted by School Districts throughout California to ensure their students are safe, secure, and in the best learning environment possible. Let us show you why we have lasted through generations.


You might be planning to renovate a building that was built more recently than our company was founded. Since 1992 we have been our Districts’ most trusted eyes in the field: protecting the interests of your community, students, and staff as if they are our own–because they are. 

Our kids go to your schools. Our families work in your offices. We don’t just work, we care because you are our community. That is why the majority of the Districts we’re working with have been long-term relationships–because we help bring your vision in on-time, on-budget, as-planned, and worthy of the community we all serve.

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Let’s build something beautiful

Payte Inspections is the most professional, efficient inspection company our District has ever worked with.


The vision you and the District spent months creating deserves the finest build quality and the fewest questions. Don’t trust your hard work to just anyone. We are very selective with our inspectors and though top-notch experience and knowledge are a given, we only work with those who we believe show themselves to be the most effective communicators on a job site. 

We all have a common goal. Your time should not be wasted with unnecessary questioning and squabbling. Let our inspectors be your eyes on the ground helping ensure your plans become a place where young minds take shape.